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Hi there! I'm Nick!

Thank you for visiting my website and I can't wait to hear from you about your wedding day!

I am a documentary style wedding photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through the last 6 years of wedding photography my ultimate goal has evolved into telling the story of your wedding day while letting you enjoy it to its fullest!

From the smallest candid moments with your friends and family to the warmth of you and your betrotheds portraits, every piece of your day deserves to be captured authentically while you have the time of your lives! When I'm not taking pictures you can normally find me in the wandering the woods and beaches of northern Minnesota, trying to find the best ramen shop and BBQ places in Minneapolis, rolling a bunch of dice while wearing a wizard hat, or relaxing with my BFF/dog, Riker.

*Pictured left is my dog Riker, not me, sorry to disappoint you that I'm not a dog who is a photographer. But if you want to follow his instagram you can right here.

Wedding photography begins at $1350
Engagement sessions begin at $250
Contact by phone at 763.258.3606

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